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"Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions"

How the organizing Process works

Start with a Phone Consultation 

Contact Us for a consultation where I can hear what your needs and goals are,  share my professional organization services and provide and opportunity for you to ask any questions. If you are ready to set up a first appointment we will do that.


First Appointment 

If you know your home, family, office, or life isn't as organized as you'd like it to be, but you're not sure which tasks need doing or where you should start, I always begin the first appointment with an assessment designed to provide answers and direction for your particular needs. During the on-site tour of your home or office we will be talking about what is working, what's not and why. We will work together to diagnose the cause of clutter and disorganization and create a customized plan of action. This includes: where to start, what order to tackle the project, changes to the physical layout, evaluating the equipment/supplies you have and what else we will need, a time estimate, and the payment options for project. Then we begin the hands-on organizing together. Each appointment is a 4 hour minimum. At the conclusion of the first appointment you can make the decision to pay for the 4 hour session or to commit to a value package (see below: Rates). This first appointment offers you the opportunity to evaluate the process and our working relationship.


Hands-On Organizing

Beginning the first appointment I will work with you side-by side to physically help you in the organizing project and create "personalized systems" for your specific needs. No matter what the job - a closet or bedroom, kitchen, garage, storage areas, office, help with moving in or out and just downsizing – I am happy to put my expertise and muscles to work for you.


Planning for the Appointment

There is no need to clean or straighten up because the Professional Organizer needs to see and understand the current situation and challenges.


Time for Appointments & Completion

Generally each appointment lasts 4 hours. The time for completion will depend on several factors including: size of the project, amount of clutter, time it takes the client to make decisions, and the client's time and willingness to do homework between appointments (not mandatory).



Rates vary reflecting the Professional Organizers level of experience, specialties, years in the business and training. Declutter 2 Design's rates are hourly or packages are offered for added value. Contact Ellyn for this information.



All the information you share with me during an organizing session is held in strictest confidence. I fully respect your privacy. I have pledged to follow the Code of Ethics established by the National Association of Professional Organizers.


I know what a challenge it is to stay organized, especially when life takes unexpected twists and turns. Please rest assured that you will never be criticized or judged by me. 


If you'd like to hear what my clients think about my organizing services, please visit the Testimonials of Clients page.     


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