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"Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving one's quality of life."

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I've been praying about the best answer to streamlining my life and organizing my home. To be sure, there's a lot to be done, and I would benefit greatly from your expertise. There's a couple of things I should communicate to you about myself. There are two big challenges I face in the area of organization: one, I work best when someone is working beside me. It focuses me on the task. Generally speaking, my "organizational ideas” are well thought out and can work out ok...but I can't seem to get started because it's all overwhelming to me and I have a hard time getting motivated to take up the challenge. One glimmer of hope is that I have worked better in the past in a well-organized space, so I think it would serve to improve my situation, at the very least.            


I have been in the real estate business for over 17 years working with many types of clients in purchasing and selling properties with much success. With real estate service comes lots of paperwork, and more paperwork and long hours. To be organized in your office & files; a filing system is imperative to not only serving your clients best but surviving your office on a daily basis. Spending an hour a day constantly looking for "something" in your office happens to the best of us but boy, is that a time waster.  

Ellyn from Declutter2Design came into my home office and took inventory. She listened and watched how I operated on a daily basis and formulated a system I could set up to get organized and stay organized. She, over the course of 6 weeks, helped me set up a system that was custom made for my business and would help me deliver better service to my clients, save me time and give me the peace of mind that an organized work place gives you no matter what your business is. We went through my office top to bottom and created a space that is now organized and even fun now. She was worth every dollar and more!!


I recommend her to all entrepreneurs who want to be more successful through being more organized with their physical working space and with their precious time as well. Through Ellyn I have learned to differentiate what is urgent and what is important on a daily basis.

Carl Higgins   Realtor
Vice President Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties
Certified Residential Specialist      808 637-1272



Thank you so much for your patience with me, for giving me tools, space to decompress, and time to put the tools in place. Clearly you are a skilled organizer, but also a skilled manager of people.

Mahalo, Trisha



Ellyn from Declutter2Design is a complete joy to work with. She brings intelligence, creativity and enthusiasm to every project she tackles. She has eliminated clutter in our home and implemented practical and workable systems.

We live in a multi-generational home where space is a premium. Merging the belongings of two households into a modest two bedroom home created design and storage challenges. Ellyn helped us rearrange our furnishings and organize our home in such a way as to maximize our space and assisted with creating creative storage solutions.

In our home office, Ellyn designed a system for handling mail, newspapers and periodicals that ensures that every item that enters our home is categorized and acted upon within days of its arrival. As an integral part of that document management system, she designed and set up a home filing system that is incredibly well conceived, easy and fun to use. For the first time, we feel in control of the paper flow in our environment.

Our next project is to compile, sort, organize and arrange to store over 100 years of family photographs. This will be an important part of preserving our family's history and is one of those projects I've meant to get to "one of these years”. Can’t begin to thank you enough for your inspiration, support and guidance on Mom’s life video project. It wouldn’t have happened without you. Your skill as a storyteller shines through in this story of Mom’s life.  As I watch it, I recall all the great times we had in what was probably the most important creative collaboration of my lifetime.

With Ellyn, no task is too daunting. Once you team up with her on your home organizing projects, you will wonder how you ever got along without her!



One of the greatest things about Ellyn is her ability to read through documents- of all nature- quickly, and to make sense of them, both on their own and within the context of masses of papers. After weeks of frustration and tears on my own, by the middle of the day with Ellyn, I was actually singing while filing in my home office!

My organizational skills are soaring and I am losing my fear of all the piles; they just seem to float effortlessly into their respective homes and I'm so  grateful for all your help.



I just want to say thank you so much for all of your help yesterday!  Honestly, I feel like I'm starting to really see a way through this move-in (which always seems to take me about a year). It was so nice to meet you and work with you. I'm looking forward to next month and the challenge of completing all of my homework before then.



Thank you so very much for your time and wonderful energy last week in organizing my home. It feels almost close to a miracle. I am not able to continue at the same pace but my eye is now different, as well as my attitude/emotional state and I am tidying up more each day.


Thank you again. The energy has completely changed in my home!


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