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"Help from others allow us to restore order, balance, harmony, and ease back into our lives with renewed energy."



If you would like your home to be less cluttered

and to be more organized or your office space to be more efficient, 

 we can provide a plan of action, meet with you via phone and 

email, and guide you from cluttered to organized.

This option is an alternative to the hands-on/on-site 

organizing or can be paired with the hands-on services that Declutter2Design provides.



What Is Virtual Organizing?


Virtual Organizing is the process of helping clients to become organized through the use of the telephone, email, photos, videos and/or FaceTime calls as opposed or in addition to the traditional on-site organizing process. In other words you are physically organizing and we provide verbal and/or written guidance and support along the journey. Virtual Organizing allows you to consult with a professional while completing the actual organizing project yourself, on your time with the added benefit of financial savings.


Who are Virtual Organizers?


Professional Organizers who provide these type of services have been trained as Professional Organizers, had several years of on-site, hands-on organizing experience, and possess the confidence and expertise to teach these organizing skills to others through Virtual Organizing.


Ellyn Sollars, of Declutter2Design, a Professional Organizer since 2005, and founding member of Hawaii Association of Professional Organizers uses her training, hands-on organizing experience, interview and listening  skills, product and resource knowledge, and intuition to create an action plan that is customized for each individual client’s space and needs.


Who Can Benefit From Virtual Organizing?


Over the years you may have been trying to become better organized, knowing the value it would add to you life, yet never successfully completing the process. You know that you have the potential to do the work yourself, but just don’t know where to get started. What if you could hire someone to design a plan of action, someone who is there for you with continued guidance and motivational support? Sound good? Virtual Organizing with a Professional Organizer is great for:


  • People with family and/or work demands that crowd out the ability to set aside 4-hour minimum hands-on organizing sessions.
  • Self-motivated individuals who are ready to make changes in lifestyle and need the help and guidance of a Professional Organizer and are committed to work at their own pace until the project is completed.
  • People who are looking for someone to design a plan to follow and keep them on track and are more apt to follow through when working with an accountability partner.
  • Value-conscious clients who want to invest time and money on the life-changing services of professional organizing within the framework of their budget.


How Does It All Work?


  1. After you have contacted me, I will send you a Virtual Organizing Client Questionnaire to fill out and return along with pictures or a short video of the areas that you would like to organize. You will also receive the Virtual Organizing Packages to review and choose the one that fits your needs.
  2. Payment for the package is paid at this time and we schedule the first Virtual Organizing session, where we will discuss the questionnaire, review the photos together, and the amount of time that you have available to work on the project as well as the date you would like to start the project. 
  3. Based on the information you have shared with me and the pictures, I will create a realistic action plan customized to get you organized within a specific timeframe. 
  4. We will meet via phone or email periodically to discuss progress and review goals for the upcoming period and to receive picture updates of your progress.. I will provide you with unlimited email support between sessions to address any questions, discuss your experiences and issues that may arise during your organizing.


Benefits of Virtual Organizing


Virtual Organizing is an alternative option from working hands-on/on-site with a Professional Organizer…..and has been proven just as effective! These services can provide you with a fresh perspective to help you quickly reach your organizing goals. You will learn solutions to your problems in a non-judgmental atmosphere. I will keep you accountable and on track helping you prioritize tasks, teach you lifetime organizing skills and keep you motivated. I can help you organize any area of your home, home office or small business. Do you still have questions? Give me a call and we can discuss whether Virtual Organizing may be the right fit for you or a combination of the two - hands-on and virtual. Remember that the call is FREE.


  • Receive a Customized Action Plan from a Professional Organizer
  • Organizing Product Recommendations.
  • An Accountability Partner and Coach
  • A Life and Space Organized and ClutterFree

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